Maurice Schmidt

Around the Red Checkered Table Cloth - Maurice  Schmidt

Around the Red Checkered Table Cloth, 2011

Painting oil on linen  
36 x 48 in

This Texas roadside café scene is no longer as ubiquitous as it was only a few years ago. The spreading broad brimmed straw hats worn by working men and tractor drivers have also diminished in number, replaced by various long billed baseball caps. Why should these harmless, innocuous changes in head gear bother me? They are not threatening, nor demanding of any great social change or revolutionary thought. Perhaps, they have something in common with drastic changes in say, a military uniform, which also is not usually a threat. Perhaps, a link is related to the newness of a uniform. Ubiquity of clothing is in some way a form of language, or speech, or even a certain accent. The actor dressed in costume more naturally takes on his prescribed character. Appearance is a major part of drama and not only on the stage. Excerpt from the book "Maurice Schmidt, A life in Art"



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