Maurice Schmidt

People in an Auto - Maurice  Schmidt

People in an Auto, 1960

Painting oil on canvas  
30 x 42 in

"This painting continues to show my interest in the simultaneous experience of an indoor, enclosed space from the outside. It comes only a few years after Austin Bus, its precursor. The work belongs to my San Antonio years (1958-1963), which was a great period of exploration, growth, and abstract, mostly nonfigurative art. People in an auto won an award in the annual Witte Museum Exhibition; at that time the most prestigious juried art exhibit in the San Antonio area. Many people have liked this work. A close friend, fellow artist and University of Texas art graduate, Bill Bristow admired it the moment he saw it and he advised me to enter it in the Witte Museum exhibit. I'm glad I took his advice. He admired the way I had somehow combined abstract and figurative elements and made them work. It is also one of the early works that reveal, I believe, the influence of Mexican art. I studied in Mexico in the summer of 1956 and absorbed that influence that is still with me today." excerpt from the book "Maurice Schmidt, A Life in Art"



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