Maurice Schmidt

Maurice  Schmidt - Four Pigs

Four Pigs, 1981

Painting oil on linen  
20 x 24 in

"No one, except in insult, would say a pig resembles a human being. Yet, on close observation, the mobility of the pig's facial movements, especially around the eyes, seems to have far greater variety and nuance than any other mammal I have observed, including monkeys. The monkey has a great variety of mouth gestures but I'm not certain that their eyes equal the pig's in range of expression. Add the pink skin color, the jowly flab between the lower jaw and neck, and the fact that the pig is considered more intelligent than a dog, and in this animal, we have a possible companion. The sound of his squeal is much more human than the bark of a dog. The variety of his sounds, mouth movements and gestures make him an almost conversant friend which more than makes up for his disinclination to fetch things. He may tend to get skittish if invited to dinner, but then whose fault is that?" excerpt from the book "Maurice Schmidt, A Life in Art"



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