Maurice Schmidt

Cow and Calf - Maurice  Schmidt

Cow and Calf, 1965

Print drypoint etching on paper  
9 x 12 in

"Painted soon after I came back from Kingsville, this large painting took on a simplicity of design and a starkness of color. A black shadow is cast by the cows head onto her own body as she gestures towards her suckling calf. There is a universal tenderness in the motherhood relationship of all beings that give milk for their young. This fact was taken to heart in scripture when it forbid the boiling of a calf in its mothers milk. The undulant and feminine movements of cows, their large eyes and the obvious, protective concern for their young must have reminded our herdsman ancestors that motherhood is something more than a biological incident. It is a sacrosanct force in the universe. This fleeting insight and its implications of the tender loving-kindness underlying creation is given a salute in perpetuity by this obscure scriptural command." excerpt from the book "Maurice Schmidt, A Life in Art"



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