Jonathan Paul Jackson

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Jonathan Paul Jackson Crane 1
Crane 1, 2017
mixed media on paper
45 x 36 in
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Jonathan Paul Jackson Crane 2
Crane 2, 2017
mixed media on paper
45 x 36 in
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Jonathan Paul Jackson In the Garden of Eden 3
In the Garden of Eden 3, 2017
mixed media on panel
48.25 x 48.25 in
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Jonathan Paul Jackson Untitled
Untitled, 2017
28.5 x 24 in
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Jonathan Paul Jackson

Jonathan Paul Jackson

Jonathan Paul Jackson Description

Jonathan Paul Jackson (b. 1984)

J. Paul Jackson is a Visual Artist from Houston, Texas. He works in all mediums of Art, including Painting, Sculpture and Illustration. At the age of 11, he completed his first large scale painting and by the age of 16 was showing in coffee shops in the Houston area. Jackson has some formal education in Art but is mostly self-taught.  

At the age of 19, he curated his first show with two already established Painter J. Antonio Farfan, Photographer Daniel Kayne and Himself. His Fabric and Stitched Art was his first full series, which included 25 pieces, which was displayed at Cafe Brazil in Houston, Texas in 2006. In 2008 J. Paul Jackson started curating Art shows for fellow Visual Artist, putting his own art career to the side for a couple of years, but he never stopped sketching and drawing. In 2011, he returned to his Art producing a series of Oil pastel works Jazz greats, Political figures and everyday objects. His other works involve experimenting in Neo-Expressionism on a series of action paintings.

Jonathan's current paintings are his results after experimenting with color and researching the masters of color, Matisse, Warhol and Gauguin. When he started with researching the Masters of Color, he soon realized that it was not the colors they used to create the work but how they applied the paint/color to the surface that truly defined them as "Masters of Color."

Warhol applied the color before screen-printing on top of it. Instead of the traditional method of painting, which is where you apply the outline first then the color. His processed was reversed. Matisse use color was more on the technical side, while studying under the painter John Peter Russell, Matisse was taught color theory by Russell from 1896-97. This will help Matisse in this exploration of color throughout his entire painting career.

Since reading the biographies of the "Masters of Color”, Jonathan has created what some say to be his most exciting and thought provoking work to date, combining the practices of mark making and exploration in color. JPJ explores the historical symbolism of the tribal people and interprets the imagery found there into his modern style; creating a personal totem by “writing” with their language.


Selected Exhibitions

2017 Group Show, Lullwood Group, San Antonio Texas

         Tell me I Can't, SXSW event, Austin, Texas

         Galveston Art Walk, Galveston, Texas

          Group Show, Sanpai Gallery, Galveston, Texas

          Group Show, MKT Bar, Houston, Texas

2016 Contact: Two-Man Show with Andrew Schmidt, Toplogy Gallery, Austin, Texas

          Trust Me Daddy, Safe House Gallery, Houston, Texas

          East Austin Studio Tour, Topology Gallery, Austin, Texas

         By the Pound, Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, Texas

         Art Bash, Austin Art Alliance, Austin, Texas

          Group Show, Flight Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

         Locus, Alt Gallery, Austin, Texas

         Artifacts and Fotos, Flight Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

          SXSW art installation, American Greeting Card Company, Austin, Texas

Meditations: Art of the African Diasporas, Texas Southern University Art Museum, Houston, Texas. Curated by Dr. Alvia Wardlaw.  

          Untitled Exhibition #003, Tomo Mags, Houston, Texas

2015  Collective Solid, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, Texas

          Artifacts, El Rincon Social, Houston, Texas

2014 Group Show, Alonzo Gallery, Houston, Texas

         The Group Show, Little Pink Monster, Austin, Texas

         Solo, Mid Main Windows, Houston, Texas

2013  When the Going was Good (Solo), Little Pink Monster, Austin, Texas

2007 Black\Gold: Two-Man Showwith Adrian Landon Brooks, Sucker Punch Art Gallery, Houston, Texas

2005  The Great Adventures, The Private Residence of Daniel Kane, Houston, Texas

           A Touch of Felt (Solo), Cafe Brazil, Houston, Texas


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