Josephine Mahaffey

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Josephine  Mahaffey Watermelon
Watermelon, c. 1950
22 x 30 in
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Josephine  Mahaffey Cotton Picker
Cotton Picker, c. 1955
oil on canvas
30 x 22 in
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Josephine  Mahaffey

Josephine Mahaffey

Josephine Mahaffey Description


Josephine Mahaffey was born into a rural farming family in Hopkins County, Texas in 1903.   As a newlywed, she moved to Fort Worth in 1922 and began her art training with Sallie Blyth Mummert. Mahaffey had gift for rapid composition.

Mahaffey's career branched out into teaching and advocacy. For many years she taught at the Woman's Club of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Art Center, the northside Boy's Club, and the Arlington YWCA.  Mahaffey's policy was to offer art lessons whether or not a student could pay.

Josephine Mahaffey, a mother of eight, never stopped growing as an artist and observer of life. Though she died in 1982, her influence lives on in scores of north Texas collections.

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