Lee Jamison

Evening Sun and Spanish Moss - Lee  Jamison

Evening Sun and Spanish Moss, 2015

Painting oil on canvas  
24 x 48 in

Location: Near the Sabine River

This is a composite from photographic sources that long predate my modern digital camera and cell phone with their GPS wizardry. With it one can detect a quirk in my relationship with color. Periodically I go back and forth between the brightest of impressionist palettes, especially with late evening works, and much more subdued colors. It's always felt to me like there ought to be some perfect level of chromatic magic. And it's weird. Sometimes when I look at this one it is that magic. Other times I look at it and it's not. But that is also true of the world around me. Some days the colors themselves are more intense. Some days they are not.

Yes. A psychologist has told me that was interesting.

*Illustrated in 2017 A&M Press book on Texas Art & Texas Rivers.

*Exhibition History: 2017-18 "Of Texas Rivers & Texas Art" touring exhibition at: San Angelo Museum of Art, San Angelo; The State Capitol of Texas, Austin; Witte Museum, San Antonio; and Mayborn Museum at Baylor University, Waco.



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