Lee Jamison

Wildflowers - Lee  Jamison

Wildflowers, 2016

Painting oil on canvas  
24 x 30 in

Location: A field off of Paul Dixon Rd. about two miles west of FM 405, Dodge

Some subjects refuse to be painted. I first started painting this in 2005, but it was like a difficult child who could not see herself as I saw her. Over the course of a decade I would come back to it many times. The field sits next to the property of Jerrell Price, a retired Houston police officer now in his nineties. Jerrell is a richly textured, fully human, country man. I love him for his contradictions as much as for his desire to live out his faith in God. A lot of city folk spending time with him would see prejudices without comprehending the beauty of the man. Jerrell loves to grow flowers, and especially loved sharing them with his late wife. The painting became emotionally entangled with what I feel for him.

To finish it I had to make it rough and harsh. And it couldn't be airy and light, but firm, solidly rooted. There were places in it that had barred entry I had to cut out. It felt like I was taking carpenter's tools to the image. To have a chance to be beautiful, to show the sweetness of its soul, this painting needed scars and injuries.



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