Lee Jamison

Hay Field - Lee  Jamison

Hayfield, 2017

Painting oil on canvas  
12 x 24 in

Location: off Dodge Oakhurst Rd., Dodge

The things that recommend images to me come from a variety of factors. Some of them are a product of my fascination with people and economies in general. Some are attachment to specific people and the places that become reminders of them. Some, though, just rise up from me and how given places and visual stimuli affect me. This work is one that comes from the last group.

Sunrises in the early mists of Dodge have treated me to wonders of colorful abstraction. In emotionally trying times I’ve noted that I tend to see colors more brightly. This morning walk was taken during one of those trying times. It is beautiful, and it is East Texas, but it is also me seeking solace in the place to which I’ve become most attuned.



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