Lee Jamison

Lee  Jamison - Hilltop Icehouse

Hilltop Icehouse, 2017

Painting oil on canvas  
18 x 24 in

Location: U.S. 190, near Point Blank, Texas

On one trip into East Texas Melinda and I passed a collection of old cars and trucks. This was too cool to skip, so we doubled back to take a closer look.

East Texas abounds in these automotive mummies. It was easier to enshrine the dead vehicle in the side yard than it was to have it junked, so some families might have four and five or more automotive carcasses side-by-side in the sequence of their succession. Some people have started gathering them into informal collections. They may hold as many ghosts for others as they do for me. Here I saw cars such as had driven me to Cub Scouts in elementary school and trucks like those of my childhood, but also like one with which the Dickeys had carted my garbage away in my early years at Dodge. Then there was another like the one my neighbor, "Baby" Roark, had used for thirty years hauling pulpwood.

God only knows how much lead is sequestered away in my brain because I loved the smell of the exhaust from these things when I was a kid.



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