Lee Jamison

Early Evening_ Caddo Lake - Lee  Jamison

Early Evening, Caddo Lake, 2017

Painting oil on canvas  
24 x 36 in

Location: Big Cypress Bayou near Caddo Lake State Park

Occasionally the subject of a painting is not so much the place as how the place touches something deeper. When I was a student at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, a now-closed Methodist junior college that could trace its origins back to a Masonic school in New Danville in the days of the Texas Republic, music was a big part of my school experience. In my first year there the pretty Miss Melinda Olson was the choir accompanist. Four years later she would take me on as a lifetime project and husband, though we never dated at Lon Morris. My sophomore year I was in the school's publicity men's quartet along with a young Neal McCoy. But the song that stuck with me most was a full choral arrangement from a black gospel song called "Dark Water."

"Dark water! Dark water! Let this sinner go!"

The bass part is deep, rich, and haunting. When I saw this spot it sang to me.



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