Lee Jamison

St. Joseph Catholic Church_ New Waverly - Lee  Jamison

St. Joseph Catholic Church, New Waverly, 2017

Painting oil on canvas  
30 x 40 in

Location: Corner of Elmore and Walker Streets, New Waverly

We generally don't think in terms of specific ethnic communities in East Texas apart from black and white. But in New Waverly a Polish Catholic immigrant community grew up late in the 19thCentury, and this is their "painted" church. This phenomenon is much more common in central Texas communities such as Fredericksburg, where the churches tend to be built of rock. But, though this edifice is built of wood, it is lovingly decorated on the inside and carefully preserved on the outside. Walking the grounds I became entranced with the character of this tree as though the two of them, work of man and work of God, had been matched to each other.



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