Lee Jamison

Trinity downtown - Lee  Jamison

The Rural Feed Store: Stubbs Feed, Trinity, 2017

Painting oil on canvas  
36 x 48 in

Location: Intersection of Railroad Street and Tx. Hwy. 94, Trinity

Travelling north from Huntsville one passes Riverside and the crossing of the Trinity River next to The Turning Bridge. A few minutes further north one arrives at Trinity, in Trinity County. Alongside the railroad tracks there is the bustling Stubbs Chemical and Feed. I love just to watch the people coming, going, and interacting at East Texas feed stores. Note that, at this store, chewing the fat while sitting on the feed sacks is such common practice a seatback has been placed at the window to the right of the door, and the sacks are always set near a certain height. There are photos, drawings, and something of a community message board. The feedstore, now something of a fading institution, is as much a social tool as a source of supplies.



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