Lee Jamison

Fair Haven of Rest - Lee  Jamison

Fair Haven of Rest, 2018

Painting oil on canvas  
12 x 16 in

Location: Montague Church of Christ, at Montague Cemetery; Tx. Hwy 1723 Northwest of Cleveland

The roadsides of East Texas are dotted with little white wooden churches, with their long-serving cemeteries alongside. These may be of a variety of denominations, but perhaps by the bias of my eye I notice a lot of them are, like this one, Church of Christ. In the late '80s we attended a little Methodist church, sans the cemetery, at Phelps for a couple of years before being asked to lead music at the First Baptist Church in Dodge. These are like families, richly intergenerational communities, often served by a young circuit riding pastor who preaches to multiple churches on a given Sunday. When the cemetery lies beside the church as it does here one can visit family members, anchors to a sense of place sometimes going back well over a century.



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