Lee Jamison

Framed by Shadow - Lee  Jamison

Framed by Shadow, 2018

Painting oil on canvas  
12 x 16 in

Location: U.S. Hwy 96 near Village Creek, Lumberton, TX

I didn't know what kind of mill this was when I stopped to look it over. It turns out to have been a rice mill instead of my first guess, which was some strange configuration of cotton gin. But then, I actually grew up surrounded by cotton fields in my pre-teen years in "Occupied East Texas", otherwise known as northwest Louisiana. In any event this was a reminder of how prevalent agriculture was in East Texas and how modest mills of many kinds, cotton gins, sawmills, and others dotted the countryside. As I explored here the shadows of the clouds slowly obscured the foreground until they covered the mill. How like time that was.



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