Lee Jamison

In the Hope of Resurrection - Lee  Jamison

In the Hope of Resurrection, 2018

Painting oil on canvas  
30 x 40 in

Location: Off Tx. Hwy. 1293 between the communities of Bragg and Honey Island

On the way back from our trip to Big Thicket State Park north of Beaumont we traveled a back country road fringed by tree farms. Elsewhere in this show I have referred to early logging practices as "wildland farming", by which I mean practices verging on technologically advanced hunter-gathering. Here the practice is farming, pure and simple. But unlike the farming of corn, wheat, or cotton the crop is sown and gathered over the course of a generation. It requires patience, long-term planning and execution, intergenerational commitment, and hope. Here the sun sets on one cycle of this long commitment, seeming to highlight a desolation - and death. But in the distance there is bright hope. The Sun will rise again.



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