Lee Jamison

Moving Shadow - Lee  Jamison

Moving Shadow, 2017

Painting oil on canvas  
30 x 60 in

Location: Highway 19, between Lovelady and Crockett

Entitled 'Moving Shadows', this work has been gestating in my mind for decades. Starting when I first started making the trek to the late, lamented Lon Morris College in 1975 each time I would travel Highway 19 from Trinity past Lovelady and up to Crockett I would crest a hill near Crockett itself and be reintroduced to this vista with its deep march into the distance. Its true that we have no real mountains in the Piney Woods, but Earth has no volcanoes to compare with Olympus Mons on Mars, nor do we have Alpine villages or rustic chalets such as one would find in Switzerland. We have softer, subtler, more humble things that have homes in our hearts as those things have in the hearts of others.

A little barn peeks almost furtively out of the trees, creating the sense of a human scale. A roofed food trough, literally a manger, has toppled over from the wear of ages. Here, too, the shadows play a role, gliding silently and gently across the landscape. They obscure in shade, and then reveal in sun, successive copses of trees as though guided by the hand of a stage manager handling a light board. It's odd, almost eerie, how certain spots have this effect on me. They seem to epitomize East Texas as a home to my soul.

As I write this, yesterday I was able to point out this spot to my wife in its winter coat as we drove up to see Kilgore, Tyler, and Jacksonville. She has watched it come to life in summer garb and was very appreciative. And with that one of my hiding placed hides in her as well.



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