Lee Jamison

Sunset and Wind Shadow - Lee  Jamison

Sunset and Wind Shadow, 2018

Painting oil on canvas  
12 x 24 in

Location: South of U.S. Hwy 190 eight miles east of Huntsville

It's reassuring to have places nearby that always ring with a special feeling in one's mind. I drive by this location several days a week and have liked this particular field since before we bought our house in nearby Dodge in 1984. Periodically owners have had cattle on the land here, though not at present. For much of that time there was no barn. I think it has been there for only twenty years or so. The presence of the barn, though, made the field seem all the more responsive to the moods of Sun and season. This is an image from very late in winter, at sunset. An east wind blows across the farm pond. Wind "shadows" on the eastward side of the pond remain smooth, reflecting the distant trees. The lowering sunshine and lengthening shadows light the barn up as though it was on fire.



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