Lee Jamison

Where Once Were Giant Pines - Lee  Jamison

Where Once Were Giant Pines, 2018

Painting oil on canvas  
18 x 24 in

Location: Tx. Hwy. 62, 1000 feet south of U.S. 287 near Corrigan.

From the time I knew I would be painting for a show specifically on East Texas one of the things I had most wanted to do was show some vestige of "old growth" timber. This doesn't seem like a bizarre idea at first glance. East Texas is the size of New England. One imagines some nook of that good-sized territory would have been overlooked in the random patchwork of wildland tree farming practiced in East Texas's early days. Texas Parks and Wildlife keeps an eye on interesting things in the Piney Woods, so I looked on their website to see if old growth forests might be highlighted. As it happened a particular spot on the map was indicated as having trees as old as 250 years. I drove there full of expectation of a communion with nature in the midst of towering monuments of native pine... This was it- harvested within the last year.



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