Lee Jamison

Austin Street_ Jefferson - Lee  Jamison

Austin Street, Jefferson, 2018

Painting oil on canvas  
30 x 40 in

Location: corner of Austin and Polk Streets, Jefferson, TX

To walk around Jefferson's old town area is to feel transported from nominal East Texas towns. This doesn't feel anything like Crockett, Marshall, or Palestine. What Jefferson hearkens to, almost weirdly, is New Orleans. But if one thinks about it just a little bit there is probably a very good reason for this. Jefferson was far more intimately connected to that ultimate hub of water traffic in the vast American interior than it was to the rail network that informed the growing culture of the rest of East Texas. When it was cut off from river communication it never really connected in the same way with that rail network it had only begrudgingly become a part of.

So, from wrought iron, to statues, to pinnacles, to the intimacy of the old riverfront Jefferson is a town that feels like it could teach lessons to my native Shreveport about how to embrace being a Louisiana town.



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