Lee Jamison

Caddo Lake Hunter - Lee  Jamison

Caddo Lake Hunter, 2018

Painting oil on canvas  
30 x 40 in

Location: Big Cypress Bayou, adjacent to Caddo Lake State Park

To the extent it is possible to credentialize being a regionalist artist I can trace my lineage through my Art professor, Willard Cooper, my aunt Edith Emmerich Mulling, and my cousin-in law, Frankie Morris to their teacher, Don Brown. Stories of Brown's eccentricities in America and abroad are legion. Cooper (who drove the same Model A Ford for the entirety of his adult life, himself) could regale a class with them for hours. But the tale that always attracted me was that he lived on a paddle-wheel boat driven by a transplanted Model T engine and plied the waters of Caddo Lake, Big Cypress Bayou, and Cross Bayou. There he would drop anchor and sketch and paint ancient cypresses, birds, and his nearly ubiquitous alligators.

This attachment to the swamp was deep in Brown's soul long before he went to France to study, showing up even in tales of his eccentricities abroad. Hearing of it made sense to me. So much of my own mind was woven through with places and experiences like his, and with other people- felt by how images of their special places affected them. In a sense, then, this image represents someone sustaining himself via the waterways of his environment. And there is a blue heron in it doing the same thing.



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