Lee Jamison

Roots of Texas_ Mission Tejas State Park - Lee  Jamison

Roots of Texas, Mission Tejas State Park, 2018

Painting oil on canvas  
24 x 36 in

Location: Park Rd. 44 at Tx. Hwy. 21, Weches

At Mission Tejas nothing material remains that speaks to anything deeply historical. But this is the spot where Texas got its name. It originated as a Caddoan word sounding roughly like "Tay-shas", which meant "friendship" to the natives. The history of the mission itself, though, didn't bear the name well. Originally established primarily to cement Spanish claim to the territory against fears of encroachment by French claimants from Louisiana, over the course of about three years the crossed purposes of church and military officials created such hostility among the Indians that the mission was burned and abandoned.

The woods here were last harvested about eighty years ago or more in some spots. That makes them fairly mature for forests in East Texas. But that relative maturity does give one a chance to sense a little bit about what it was like to be in ancient woods.



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