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In the Sporting Tradition, The Art of Herb Booth, 1993


The sport of hunting--its celebration of the wild, the natural, the out-of-doors--has given rise to its own body of art. Extraordinary artistic skills wedded with decades of experience as a naturalist and hunter have secured for Herb Booth a place among the contemporary masters of sporting art. In this beautiful book, illustrated with fifty color plates and dozens of etchings and lithographs, Booth's superb technique and his portrayal of an American tradition in the process of change is revealed in a variety of classic hunting and fishing scenes: upland and waterfowl shooting, deer hunting in the Texas Hill Country, casting for redfish and speckled trout in the Gulf of Mexico.

Named the 1993 Texas Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year and the 1993 Artist of the Year of the National Wild Turkey Federation, as well, Booth demonstrates in his work dedication to both hunting and the intelligent use of wildlife and natural resources. The habitats of different game species are meticulously rendered, as are the animals themselves and their interaction with their environment. As author Michael McIntosh notes: "It is a peculiar fact of sporting art that it cannot be successfully faked. A sporting scene, if it aspires to any degree of acceptance, must not only reflect genuine experience on the artist's part but must also evoke the memory and feeling of similar experience in the viewer." It is a hallmark of Booth's work that the most experienced hunter or naturalist will instantly recognize the sense of authenticity and depth of personal experience he brings to his art.

Each large color plate in this oversize volume includes an extended caption describing the specific scene. McIntosh, himself an experienced hunter and expert on sporting art, details Booth's development as an artist and sportsman in a lively and engaging text. The foreword is contributed by Meredith Long, longtime collector and dealer of sporting art.

This elegant volume belongs in the library of anyone who loves nature, wildlife, and the American hunting tradition so faithfully preserved in the art of Herb Booth.

The artist: Herb Booth has been a wildlife and sporting artist since 1967. His work is represented in major public and private collections, and his stamp and limited edition print commissions have helped raise thousands of dollars on behalf of wildlife through Ducks Unlimited, the Gulf Coast Conservation Association, the National Wild Turkey Federation, and other groups devoted to habitat conservation.The author: Dr. Michael McIntosh has written several books and many articles on sporting art and artists, and is a contributing editor for Wildlife Art News magazine.

What Readers Are Saying:

"Those who may be tempted to view In the Sporting Tradition as `just another art book' will be pleasantly surprised. McIntosh's text truly reveals the man behind the brush. Booth shares reminiscences of his life growing up, his first hunting experiences, and the special memories of people who influenced his life--and his art.” --Texas Outdoors Journal

"Certain to become a classic for those who appreciate wildlife and sporting art. . . . McIntosh's text truly reveals the man behind the brush.” --Texas Outdoors Journal

"Anyone who has spent time fishing the coast or hunting in Texas will [find] Booth's paintings stirring reminders of days outdoors. He was named the 1993 Texas Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year and the '93 Artist of the Year for the National Wild Turkey Federation. Time spent with this book will make it obvious why." --Larry Morgan, outdoor writer

"Another dandy gift for Texana lovers and hunters . . . from Texas A&M University Press.” --Lufkin Daily News

" It could just as easily have been called `All the Great Texas Outdoors You Remember, Or Wish You Did. . . . Some artists are good at depicting pretty scenery. Others can paint animal detail to anatomical perfection. Still others can create a dreamy recollection of some faraway destination or long-ago event. Booth does all these and more." --Lee Leschper, outdoor writer

"If you want to go hunting, but can't get away, this book provides the next best thing." --Alpine Avalanche

"Artist Herb Booth is one of those talented individuals and his new book is a wonderful celebration of the great outdoors. . . . His paintings consciously record the way hunting is now and each carries the reader to one of these beautiful . . . places. For the outdoor enthusiast or those who just appreciate the beauty of fine artwork, a copy of In the Sporting Tradition would be a welcomed addition to a personal library.” --Gary Enkowitz

"If you have trouble finding a birthday or anniversary gift for a man who loves hunting and the outdoors--or just someone who enjoys beautiful outdoor art--this might be the answer to your needs. Several really fine `coffee table' books have been issued by Texas' university presses during the past few months. This one stands with the absolute best of them." --Marie Beth Jones

"Most enjoyable about `Sporting Traditions,' other than the nearly 50 full color plates and black-and-white illustrations, was the story behind each picture. . . . Booth's development as an artist and hunter, his eventual move from Colorado to Texas, his paintings and the people and places he painted, combined with a touch of sporting art history, come together to make this a book well worth the reading." --Longview News-Journal

"Hunters and fishermen will respond emotionally to the authentic South Texas scenes contained in this beautiful large-format book." --Review of Texas Books

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$ 49.50


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